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Sunholidays Oy, all timeshare services.

- VIP Club membership

- Resale of timeshare ownership

- Rentals of timeshare ownership


VIP Club membership combined with timeshare ownership brings best value and freedom of choice to your timeshare ownership. More than 3 million holiday destinations freely bookable without restrictions. Domestic holidays from €99/week.

Contact our customer service, we will map your situation and find out if you need to own a timeshare membership at all. We are looking for the best and most productive solution for your timeshare ownership. Maybe you want to sell, rent or exchange your ownership to suit you better, we will help you in all matters related to timeshare ownership situations.


Onko sinulla kuvia kohteista?

Kutsu osallistua Sunholidays Oy:n Kuvapankkiin – Kotimaan kohteet.

Mahdollisuus voittaa 500€ s-ryhmän lahjakortti, lisäksi tienaat 10€/julkaistu kuva.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


professionals in the holiday industry since 1997

SunHolidays is a company specializing in tourism and the marketing and utilization of domestic timeshares.

Our staff's decades of experience in various fields of tourism will help you find the best use solution for the shares you own.

We market timeshares owned by developers and private individuals.

Thanks to our long experience, we also cross the market for ownership of foreign holiday destinations.

We have opened our new travel booking service Vip Club for our members. Through the service, our members have the possibility to book accommodation and flights around the world.

Hotels, apartments, resorts, villas, holiday cottages.

Hotel Swimming Pool


Satisfaction guarantee


With over 20 years of experience


Buys, sales and rentals 

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